ASICS Greater Manchester Marathon
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10 Apr 2016
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Race No
Chip Time
Cat Pos
Gender *
Gen Pos
1716407Team CLAIRES HOUSE03:41:38All Ages1Male1 
1216501Team THE K TEAM!03:32:14All Ages12Unisex12 
10916503Team PRINGLES PRANCERS05:13:35All Ages108Unisex108 
516504Team MBL03:24:15All Ages5Unisex5 
916505Team THE ITALIAN JOB 03:30:50All Ages9Unisex9 
1816506Team KELLOGG'S UKMT03:42:10All Ages17Unisex17 
2516507Team BEER, GUTS AND COCONUTS03:52:19All Ages24Unisex24 
3816508Team FLAKED OUT04:00:53All Ages37Unisex37 
11416509Team CEREAL RUNNERS05:29:13All Ages113Unisex113 
2216510Team BARLOW ANDREWS03:45:58All Ages21Unisex21 
9716511Team GIRLIE GITS04:55:30All Ages96Unisex96 
7016512Team PR AGENCY WIN04:29:31All Ages69Unisex69 
6616513Team RUNNER BEANS 04:27:40All Ages65Unisex65 
5216514Team WALKER BEGLEY 204:15:57All Ages51Unisex51 
4216516Team SAGACITY SOLUTIONS LTD - RELAY04:03:05All Ages41Unisex41 
8316518Team MMI ENGINEERING04:37:46All Ages82Unisex82 
4816519Team MMI ENGINEERING04:13:47All Ages47Unisex47 
2716301Team COOL RUNNINGS03:55:42All Ages26Unisex26 
3216302Team SWEATY BETTY03:58:55All Ages31Unisex31 
7916304Team SRR MEETS HIGH FIVE AGAIN04:34:31All Ages78Unisex78 
6416305Team SRR MEETS HIGH FIVE 04:27:01All Ages63Unisex63 
3016306Team VICTORIA03:57:43All Ages29Unisex29 
8416307Team ANNA04:37:51All Ages83Unisex83 
2416308Team RBS CORPORATE03:51:43All Ages23Unisex23 
5016309Team FOLD GREEN FLYERS04:15:55All Ages49Unisex49 
6916310Team SECOND TO NONE04:28:41All Ages68Unisex68 
3516311Team ASICS SPARTONS03:59:59All Ages34Unisex34 
2916312Team FLASHERS 4 MANCHESTER03:57:35All Ages28Unisex28 
416313Team RUDGE'S RUNNERS03:23:57All Ages4Unisex4 
5316314Team RUNNING FOR ISAAC04:16:05All Ages52Unisex52 
7616315Team PRESTWICH ARTS COLLEGE04:33:28All Ages75Unisex75 
316316Team DALY DASHERS 203:22:08All Ages3Unisex3 
1416317Team DALY DASHERS03:37:08All Ages14Unisex14 
5416318Team SPALTON SPARTANS04:17:54All Ages53Unisex53 
8616319Team THERE'S ONLY ONE ISAAC MALEY04:37:57All Ages85Unisex85 
5916320Team BCS DREAM TEAM04:24:00All Ages58Unisex58 
1916321Team TARDY HURRICANES03:42:51All Ages18Unisex18 
4016322Team 7NT04:02:04All Ages39Unisex39 
7516323Team SUPER SLUGS04:31:07All Ages74Unisex74 
9116324Team TURBO SNAILS04:47:59All Ages90Unisex90 
7716325Team SASSY STRIDETTES04:33:44All Ages76Unisex76 
10816326Team ALLISON PIKE PARTNERSHIP 105:08:25All Ages107Unisex107 
11516327Team ALLISON PIKE PARTNERSHIP 205:29:28All Ages114Unisex114 
2616328Team CHILLI LTD03:53:59All Ages25Unisex25 
116329Team BLONDES HAVE MORE RUN02:57:07All Ages1Unisex1 
10016330Team GAS MUMMIES04:59:11All Ages99Unisex99 
4616331Team CHEADLE HULME HARRIERS04:12:09All Ages45Unisex45 
11116332Team FAMILY TIES05:19:35All Ages110Unisex110 
9516333Team TRI4JAMES04:53:14All Ages94Unisex94 
716334Team CHRISTIE'S PATIENT RUNNERS03:26:10All Ages7Unisex7 
Page 1 of 3 (126 items)

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