Asics Greater Manchester Marathon
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2 Apr 2017
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Race No
Chip Time
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
119094Team ASICS FRONTRUNNER - TRI BOYS02:49:58All Ages1Unisex1  
219014 DUMB AND RUNNER02:58:30All Ages2Unisex2UNI  
319097Team ASICS FRONTRUNNER - PRE MARATHON BOYS02:59:55All Ages3Unisex3  
419134Team Sharpe-Gardiner03:00:16All Ages4Unisex4  
519017 RUN FARMERS RUN03:07:20All Ages5Unisex5UNI  
619082 CRISIS03:07:48All Ages6Unisex6IRL  
719060 SUPPLY & DEMAND03:11:27All Ages7Unisex7IRL  
819119Team UPLIFT 6 03:16:05All Ages8Unisex8  
919085 GRODZISKI KLUB BIEGACZA 103:17:27All Ages9Unisex9POL  
1019062 PHIL COLIN'S03:21:19All Ages10Unisex10UNI  
1119050 SWINTON RUNNING CLUB03:22:45All Ages11Unisex11UNI  
1219105Team SK JH03:24:05All Ages12Unisex12  
1319063 SONG - SONG03:26:48All Ages13Unisex13UNI  
1419006 CANDOUR SOLUTIONS03:27:02All Ages14Unisex14UNI  
1519117Team HIGH FIVE03:30:45All Ages15Unisex15  
1619110Team ASICS RUN CLUB A03:30:57All Ages16Unisex16  
1719058 HELLO03:31:07All Ages17Unisex17UNI  
1819130Team Neil & Dave03:32:23All Ages18Unisex18  
1919091Team WOODY ALLEN03:33:05All Ages19Unisex19  
2019129Team Maty!03:33:35All Ages20Unisex20  
2119112Team ASICS RUN CLUB C03:35:58All Ages21Unisex21  
2219101Team ASICS RUN CLUB B03:36:07All Ages22Unisex22  
2319109Team STOCKHOLM FRONTRUNNERS03:36:15All Ages23Unisex23  
2419064 CHEETAHS03:37:54All Ages24Unisex24UNI  
2519015 BEN & POOH03:41:26All Ages25Unisex25UNI  
2619041 CHAPPED NIPS03:45:08All Ages26Unisex26UNI  
2719122Team UPLIFT 3 03:45:41All Ages27Unisex27  
2819079 THE DEMIGODS OF RUNNING03:47:58All Ages28Unisex28UNI  
2919088 AEGIR 9203:48:11All Ages29Unisex29NED  
3019020 MIDLIFE RUNNERS03:49:55All Ages30Unisex30UNI  
3119132Team Sale M3303:49:55All Ages31Unisex31  
3219098Team EVERYTHING'S BETTER WITH FIZZ03:51:23All Ages32Unisex32  
3319120Team UPLIFT 203:51:24All Ages33Unisex33  
3419107Team ASICS RUN CLUB D03:51:54All Ages34Unisex34  
3520052 RBS CORPORATE03:52:17All Ages35Unisex35UNI  
3619051 THE JOG ONS03:52:54All Ages36Unisex36UNI  
3719076 WHAT...NO HILLS ?03:54:17All Ages37Unisex37UNI  
3819125Team TEAM WATKINS03:54:54All Ages38Unisex38  
3919047 RUTH & LIZ03:55:05All Ages39Unisex39UNI  
4019116Team ATKINSON WESTWOOD03:56:14All Ages40Unisex40  
4119030 THE DAD BODS03:56:37All Ages41Unisex41UNI  
4219052 THE BUNGLERS03:57:49All Ages42Unisex42UNI  
4319005 FRANCESCA AND JULIAN03:59:25All Ages43Unisex43UNI  
4419086 GRODZISKI KLUB BIEGACZA 203:59:32All Ages44Unisex44POL  
4519024 TEAM JACKSON04:01:16All Ages45Unisex45UNI  
4619054 KHYE N MARK WHIPPETS04:03:09All Ages46Unisex46UNI  
4719133Team Scary04:05:01All Ages47Unisex47  
4819067 THE 'TROT ON'...ERS.04:05:40All Ages48Unisex48UNI  
4919044 AM I RELAY DOING THIS?04:09:07All Ages49Unisex49UNI  
5019103Team CHILTERN HARRIERS04:09:40All Ages50Unisex50  
Page 1 of 3 (115 items)

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